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361 Degrees expertise shared at Triumph India event

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Treading their step further, outside of our island nation, 361 degrees had recently embarked on a successful programme for Triumph in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India.

Proving further that this organization encompasses the flair, capacity and know-how to conduct training programmes not only in Sri Lanka, Triumph India had instilled their belief in the Sri Lankan establishment to see through this event.

361 Degrees have been piloting training programmes to over 220 entities within Sri Lanka and abroad since inception. Formerly, the organization entered the Sri Lankan business forefront in the form of Wild Drift, the current name was an incarceration which had occurred very recently whilst celebrating a milestone in the company’s journey taking over and piloting high-profile training programmes.3

Triumphhave been part of 361 Degrees’ clientele for the last 15 years and the recent programme that had taken place in Jaipur was carried out for 60 attendees incorporating both, male and female executives and members from all management levels at Triumph India.

The team from 361 Degrees was composed of Gihan De Silva, Fahad Farook and Nalina Wanasinghe. The team-building programme was held in concurrence with their annual sales conference & some of the activities that took place included Amazing Chase, Building Bridges, Godabariya Challenge, Caterpillar Crawl and Footloose.

361 Degrees, being a company which enables people at work to “Be Better, Be Happier”, persists to materializeto the lead providing ingeniouslyconvenient and tailor-made learning solutions for a wide variety of clients. The company has undoubtedly managed to conduct events of even larger crowds and attain the right level of capacity to cater to the overseas market.


As of recent, 361 Degrees has incorporated the aim of expanding rapidly overseas proving their stance towards having achieved a status that is on par with international standards. Apart from their local corporate clientele, the human activations company had also previously conducted successful events in countries such as the Maldives and the United Arab Emirates.

Gihan De Silva – Manager Operations at 361 Degrees said, “We have been trusted to run programmes locally as well as internationally due to our diligence, dynamism and holistic approach. We are now close to achieving the completion of 1100 programmes.”

Commenting on their state of information, the Lead Facilitator – Fahad Farook disclosed, “We stay up to date and up to speed by participating in local events such as the IPM NHRC as well as taking part at international conferences such as SHRM to name a few.”


Encompassing such local expertise, Sri Lankan institutions now can trust the level of professionalism and expertise that 361 Degrees has attained from their continuous process of mergence with reputed companies both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Anyone attending programmes that are conducted through 361 Degrees would become exposed to a rigorous and yet, resourceful experience whilst achieving for themselves a more rounded approach towards dealing with any human resource related issues or conflicts that employees in any company would tend to face.

361 Degrees endeavours to pass awareness to the working sector in Sri Lanka, the need for attaining a capable work culture in any organization in order to boost work efficiency and drive within any working team.