4rEver Skin Naturals launches Hibiscus Hair Treatment

4rEver Skin Naturals, recently launched its latest product, Hibiscus Hair Treatment Oil, which contains an FDA approved hair growth regulator. This is especially designed to prevent baldness and hair fall and offers the added benefit of enhancing hair growth, improving texture and the overall health of hair and the scalp. Hibiscus Hair Oil is set to revolutionise hair care in the Sri Lankan market with guaranteed results. 4rEver Skin Naturals was founded and established by veteran beautician and cosmetologist, Mrs. Chandani Bandara.

Speaking on the product, Chandani Bandara, Founder of 4rEver Skin Naturals said, “The Hibiscus Hair Treatment Oil is produced utilising all natural ingredients, as with all 4rEver Skin Naturals products. Our focus is on delivering high quality, affordable solutions that delight our customers. The primary causes of hair fall are stress, hereditary factors, or a dietary imbalance. The product is designed for both men and women and is the only product in the market with an FDA approved hair growth regulator that is able to guarantee results within 28 days.”

Enriched with natural and unique ingredients, the Hibiscus Hair Treatment Oil is also designed to give off a long lasting hibiscus fragrance, while reducing hair fall and improving the growth and health of hair. Sourced locally from certified spice gardens, the ingredients utilised are adherent to the highest standard industry regulations.

A testament to the unique knowledge and experience garnered by Chandani Bandara, the 4rEver Skin Naturals range combines traditional ingredients and methods with cutting edge technology and modern improvements. All 4rEver products are made utilising natural ingredients, building a respectable brand that is able to offer the safest and healthiest skin products available in the market.

Speaking on the brand and its impact on the market, Mrs. Chandani Bandara, explained, “We are proud of the fact that 4rEver has grown to be one of Sri Lanka’s leading hair and skin care brands and one of Sri Lanka’s largest herbal-based cosmetics manufacturers. It encompasses a brand portfolio of over 70 products and we feel that the Hibiscus Hair Oil has the potential to be yet another breakthrough solution that our customers can depend on for results.”