Antler Fabric Printers, one of the leading Service Providers for the Worldwide Apparel Brand Names and Fabric Printing and Embellishment Industry, wins the “NIKE Bronze” for NIKE rating for the second consecutive year.
Over 70 marks had obtained by Antler Fabric Printers from the Annual Audit carried out by NIKE, world’s leading Brand Name holder for the year 2014/2015 .

“NIKE” audit was held in April at the “Antler Complex” premises situated at Jamburaliya. This audit was carried out based on the ESH and labor requirements of the members of the Antler Fabric Printers (Pvt) Ltd.

Special attention was given regarding Training on Safety, Security and Health, Labeling, usage of Chemicals, usage of personal safety equipment and also the procedures adopted in emergency incidents such as fire, etc…

Attention was also given to the following:

  • Safety of employees & policies on ESH and labor requirements
  • Salaries and other benefits of GFE, Security and Medical Staff under labor requirements
  • Procedures adopted on Reliefs and Grievances
  • Maternity & Paternity benefits
  • Company Policies


It’s a prestige to AFP to reach the International Standards through the above criteria and as a result AFP has become the only Fabric Printing Company in the Apparel Industry in Sri Lanka approved by “NIKE”.


Antler Business Network, the leader of fabric prints and Pioneers for the manufacturer of Printing Inks also reaches the consumers in Sri Lanka through it’s BRITOL products.