“Apey Rahata Roast Paan” from Barista

If you are fortunate enough to live in close proximity to a bakery, then the warm and inviting smell of hot bread emanating from the wood-fired oven is a mouth-watering memory. Add to that the sound of the baker’s bicycle bell signaling that his freshly-baked wares are at your doorstep creates hunger pangs you never even knew existed. There’s nothing quite like the crispiness of “roast paan” eaten warm with pol sambol and just about any curry.

Colombo’s favourite coffee house chain now brings this entire gastronomic experience endemic to Sri Lanka, in the form of its latest Roast Paan sandwich range. Available at Barista’s outlets in Colombo, the latest sandwich range comes packed with true Sri Lankan goodness.

The Pol Sambol, Mild Chicken Curry and Cheese Roast Paan Sandwich is oozing with cheese, and simply melts in your mouth releasing a plethora of flavours from the pol sambol and the chicken curry. Not too spicy this sandwich is easy on any palate for locals and international visitors. For those who prefer the kick of spice, Barista also introduces the Mutton Curry, Green Chili and Coriander Roast Paan Sandwich for the daring food lover. With a distinct flavour of coriander leaves used in moderation so as not to overpower the succulence of the mutton, this sandwich is a treat at any time of day.

Both varieties of the sandwich are best washed down with one of Barista’s signature tropical coolers or even one of the latest frappes. All sandwiches are priced at below 500 rupees making it the ideal snack or complete meal.

For more information please contact your nearest Barista outlets situated at the National Museum premises, World Trade Centre, Thummulla Laksala premises, Café Mocha Gandhara premises, Colombo 4 and the latest outlet in Rajagiriya.