Brokers vie for glory at ATL’s ‘Broker Bowling Championship – 2015’

Amãna Takaful (ATL) recently hosted its network of insurance brokers for an evening of fellowship at the ‘Broker Bowling Championship – 2015’ which took place at Excel World – Colombo 10. Many insurance brokering companies participated in the event which was conducted for the third consecutive year. This year’s championship was highly anticipated and provided ATL and the insurance brokering community with an opportunity to engage and interact outside the workplace.

Nations Insurance Brokers -2nd runner-up

Commenting on the event Adel Hashim, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Amãna Takaful (ATL) stated, “This year has been very challenging for most of us in the industry. This is the reason why Amãna Takaful decided to treat our fellow associates to a night full of excitement. Bowling is a competitive and fun filled activity and this championship helps to bring the insurance brokering community together. We hope that the members of the broker fraternity enjoyed themselves as the sole purpose of this event, was to provide them with an opportunity to relax, unwind and re-energize.”

Finlays Insurance Brokers-Champions.

Commenting on the event Chathura Kehelpannala of Delmage Insurance Brokers stated, “We would like to extend our thanks to ATL for once again organizing the ‘Broker Bowling Championship’.. This event is always greatly appreciated by the brokering fraternity as it helps us to relax and enables us to take a break from our daily routines.  We hope that ATL will continue this well thought out initiative in the future too, as it has really given us the opportunity to enjoy ourselves and create many wonderful memories.”

Broker Bowling Event hosted by ATL

The participants enjoyed an evening of bowling, which created enthusiasm and encouraged competitiveness amongst all participating teams. The senior management of ATL congratulated the teams and handed over prizes to the respective winners of the tournament. Finlays Insurance Brokers emerged the overall winners of the championship, Delmege Insurance Brokers ended up as the 1st runner-up and Nations Insurance Brokers secured the position of 2nd runner-up. Acknowledging the outstanding skill levels of the participants, a special trophy was awarded to Thilini Karunaratne from Finlays Insurance Brokers for the ‘Best Player in the Ladies Category’, whilst Izree Shehan from Finlays Insurance Brokers was recognized as the ‘Best Player in the Gents Category’. R.M. Bandaranayake from Global Insurance Brokers was awarded the ‘Best Striker of the Tournament’ while Shafeek Ameer from Reliance Insurance Brokers was given the ‘Best Senior Player’ award.

The ‘Broker Bowling Championship’ is part of ATL’s programme to strengthen its relationship with the broker fraternity in Sri Lanka.