COOPFED in association with Prime Colour Tex Company launches COOP LIGHT CFL bulb

Prime Colour Tex Company joined hands with COOPFED (Sri Lanka Consumer Co-operative Societies’ Federation LTD) to introduce the COOPLIGHT CFL bulb. According to the producers The COOPLIGHT CFL bulb manufactured with Korean technology saves power consumption by 80 percent. Launch of the new CFL bulb in line with COOPFED’s energy conservation program coincided with the 25th anniversary of COOPFED.

To mark the occasion MOU was signed between COOPFED’s Chairman Mr. Ruwan Bandara Tennakoon and Prime Colour Tex Managing Director Mr. H. S. Shin at the COOPFED headquarters.

According to the MOU members of 315 COOPFED societies and 700,000 odd members of 3250 affiliated Rural Banks of COOPFED will now have the privilege of obtaining COOPLIGHT CFL bulb at a comparatively lower price to the CFL bulbs in the local marketplace. Further, the product can be obtained by members of COOPFED and affiliated rural banks on easy-payment terms.

Under this relief program, COOPLIGHT CFL bulbs of five categories; Watts 11, 14, 14 (spiral), Watts 18 and 18 (spiral) that are ideal for domestic purposes are being distributed.

The COOPLIGHT CFL bulb manufactured by expert technicians with Korean technology has been awarded with ‘5 star’ standard certification by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority to endorse the product’s quality.

COOPFED Chairman Mr. Ruwan Bandara Tennakoon expressing views on this program of providing COOPLIGHT CFL bulbs at affordable prices on easy-payment-terms said over 700,000 members of COODFED scattered throughout the island could benefit from the program that will shed light on power preservation at the grass root level in the country. He said this exercise will contribute towards finance management of households.

“Although people living in urban areas could afford to purchase CFL bulbs, people of sub-urban and rural areas cannot afford it. Our program facilitates the latter category of people in the country to derive benefits of using CFL bulbs and save their finances. Another objective is to nurture revenue generation of cooperative societies and Rural banks in our country by providing them with the opportunity to sell COOPLIGHT CFL bulbs. They can thus meet their sales targets more easily by indulging in an additional income avenue such as this”, said Tennakoon.

Prime Colour Tex Managing Director Mr. H. S. Shin said his company geared with the latest Korean technology that is on par with world standards to produce CFL bulbs has been in business in Sri Lanka since 2005.

“COOPLIGHT CFL bulb is endorsed with 5 star certification and we are planning to introduce more products that will contribute towards power conservation in this country in the near future”, added the Prime Colour Tex Managing Director.