Detailing Made Easy with Tsemach Global and Chemical Guys

Man has always been a traveller, exploring the ends of the earth since time began. But travel really took off with the advent of the invention of the first horseless car in the United States of America. Since then countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Germany, Malaysia and India have made great strides in making transportation a lot easier globally.

The US has remained in the forefront of global vehicle production and sales, and thus also created the need for vehicle accessories and other by-products to the vehicle industry. One of the most sought after of such by-products today is auto detailing supplies that have advanced with the times and become a large stand-alone market. Across the US, the number of auto detailing suppliers is vast but the name Chemical Guys has come to be recognized above the rest.

Thousands of miles away in the sunny island of Sri Lanka, a few car enthusiasts and fanatics knew of and understood the high-quality and performance of Chemical Guys products and their global recognition. One such enthusiast was Ayesh Wickramasinghe who through his own love for vehicle detailing came across Chemical Guys. And earlier this year Ayesh opened Tsemach Global, the exclusive dealership for Chemical Guys in Sri Lanka. The futuristic store is located at Gregory’s Road, Colombo 07 and houses a wide range of car care products such as shampoos, dressings, waxes, glazes, sealants and many more.

One of the special factors that place Chemical Guys a cut above the rest is the concentration of most of their products. Many of the products can be diluted with water which means you get more with every purchase.

One of the innovative products introduced by Chemical Guys is the EcoSmart Waterless Wash and Wax. A product of this nature has not been seen in Sri Lanka before as we are traditionally used to waterless washing, but this product takes it a step further with waterless washing and waxing. The product is ideal for those who do not have access to buckets of water or a hose like those who live in apartment complexes. This eco-friendly alternative is an easy to use method, simply spray, wipe and buff minimizing swirls and scratches on the paint work. The three-in-one solution not only cleans, but also shines and protects your vehicle.

Some of their other exciting products at the Gregory’s Road location are the Foam Gun, Cyclone Dirt Trap, Butter Wet Wax and their Leather Care Kit. Setting the trend by introducing the Foam Gun for the maximum suds experience Tsemach Global combines all of the Chemical Guys wash soaps with it for the perfect wash. One of the shampoos specially formulated for the Foam Gun is the Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash.

The Cyclone Dirt Trap is also a very innovative concept initiated by Chemical Guys as it is designed to sit on the bottom of your wash bucket and trap the dirt accumulated from each and every trip back and forth between your car and the bucket. Without the use of this new contraption, you will only be rubbing the same grime that you’ve accumulated on your wash mitts and pads over and over again on your car. Best results can be achieved by following the two bucket method.

The “miracle wax” as Ayesh calls it is the Butter Wet Wax manufactured to blend into your paintwork like butter and leave a brilliant shine and wet look. Because it is a liquid wax, application is made easy.

Aside from the Waxes and the Shampoos, the product store also houses a Leather Care Kit specifically designed to help you preserve and protect all the leather accessories in your car. Leather is a bit of a hassle to maintain as the material tends to crack, fade and dry out but with a little bit of help from the Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit, all of your worries will disappear.

“We want people to first get to know the products and be educated on what auto detailing is all about. It is my desire to share the extensive knowledge that I have gained from the founders of Chemical Guys themselves with everyone who shares the same passion and love that I have for detailing. This is why when time permits I also get my hands dirty doing customized detailing. Our store is so much more than just an outlet. It is an experience. So I invite you to come join the journey”.

Tsemach Global Automotive also offers its clients a loyalty card in the form of a car sticker that once displayed on their vehicle entitles customers for discounts and offers. For more information on the extensive product portfolio and services offered, please call Ayesh on 0755 959201 or visit their Facebook fan page.