Ennigma Paves Way for Women in Business

Many are the iconic women from across the world that rule nations and are on top of their fields. Despite being a little island nation, Sri Lanka has its own fair share of skilled businesswomen who have through hard-work and determination reached the pinnacle of their careers. Among them is Yashitha Vijaykumaran, the heart and soul behind the clothing store, Ennigma.

It all started for Yashitha back in 2006 with her first store “Dream Collection”. Having being born to a family that has been involved in the textile business for more than three decades, Yashitha found it only natural for her to follow in her family’s footsteps, particularly her father’s.inspecting-her-collections

Ennigma’s flagship store is situated in the heart of Rajagiriya. The store caters mostly to the style needs of women offering a wide variety of women’s clothing and accessories. It also houses a selection of kids clothing and men’s wear to ensure that the store caters to everyone who wants to be in line with the latest trends on fashion runways. To ensure that her store is stocked with the most up-to-date designs, Yashitha handpicks her collections from renowned fashion markets in Delhi and Bangkok. Ennigma’s designs are also unique as Yashitha takes special care to localize the designs as much as possible to suit Sri Lankan taste and style.

It is common knowledge that running a business is not an easy task and often times, the stress of work life can create a negative impact on personal life but Yasitha defies the odds as she strives under stressful situations and balances her personal and work life perfectly. Yasitha is not only a loving wife to Robert Vijaykumaran but is also a hands-on mother to two beautiful children Lumesh and Venarshi. Supported by her husband Yasitha runs a smooth operation at Ennigma which has in a few short years become a household name in terms of the fashion industry.ennigma-collections-on-display

Yasitha is driven to succeed yet remains humble amidst all her achievements, traits that have won the hearts of her staff and customers alike. With many more future plans to expand her brand in the pipeline, her current focus is on starting production of her own clothing line locally. The opening of more showrooms in the future is also one of the many other ideas on her mind. Her ultimate goal is to make Ennigma the most sought after brand in the highly competitive clothing and fashion retail industry in Sri Lanka.yashitha-with-her-white-collection

With an array of formal, casual and evening wear and all the necessary accessories to go with it all under one roof at reasonable prices, Ennigma takes it one step further by offering their customers a priority customer card which can be used to get discounts off of each purchase. Ennigma also offers an online shopping service for their customers. The process is managed through their Facebook page where customers can find most of the product details and pricing for greater convenience. They also offer free delivery within Colombo and delivery within the suburbs at nominal fees. For more information please contact Ennigma on 0112887979 or visit their Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/Ennigma-552509344897481/