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Fox914 Premiers Box-Office Shattering Wonder Woman in Colombo

Sri Lanka’s trendiest radio station Fox914 premiered box-office shattering, DC Comics superhero movie “Wonder Woman” at the Majestic Platinum Cinema today in conjunction with the world premiere. The most anticipated, critically acclaimed superhero movie was presented in partnership with Singapore Airlines, Collectique, Goyo and KFC.

As with everything they do, Fox914 strives to best their previous efforts at all times and this premiere was no different. If you thought their premieres for Doctor Strange, Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 were great, then this one was phenomenal like the movie itself.

Fox914 collaborated with Collectique to give 10 lucky winners the chance to walk away with official Wonder Woman memorabilia; gifts from GOYO, as well as special discounts for all invitees from KFC. In addition to that, Fox914 also brought in the Wonder Woman-esq feel to the premiere by enhancing their fan experience with their online campaign and character representation at the premiere, thus making it yet another amazing movie going experience for listeners.

Recognized as Sri Lanka’s trendiest radio station Fox914 is fast becoming the preferred radio station amongst the core demographic of Sri Lanka’s outgoing, fit, fashionable, and stylish elite. With its approach of less talk and more music, Fox914 breached Sri Lanka’s airways in the middle of last year and instantly appealed to everyone who was tired of the incessant chatter and mindless banter of today’s radio culture. Whether it’s the very latest music, club anthems or a dash of 90’s music, those who tune into 91.4 hardly ever change their dials as each hit song gets better than the last. Tune into Fox914, “Feel The Vibe”, and stay tuned for more great things to come.