South Asia Textile Industries Lanka restores clinic for 10th anniversary

South Asia Textile Industries Lanka, a leading Weft Knit fabric manufacturer for global brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Marks and Spencer, NEXT, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, PVH/Calvin Klein, Tesco F&F and many more, recently commemorated its 10th anniversary with a number of celebratory activities for its 950 employees, as well as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by staff that saw the refurbishment of the nearby Government Dispensary in Pugoda.

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With 90 per cent of personnel sourced from communities close to its factory in Pugoda, the restoration activities carried out by South Asia Textile Industries Lanka at this medical clinic, at a cost of Rs. 1.13 million, was a natural choice for staff when they were asked to choose a CSR activity to commemorate the factory’s 10th anniversary.

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As such, this facility that provides basic health services, as well as dental care, and even maternity care and check-ups for up to 60 women a day, all for 23 nearby communities, was extensively repaired, with special attention paid to its roof, walls and floors, as well as lighting, wiring and electricity. The government dispensary was also entirely refitted with new toilets, washing facilities, restrooms, etc., meeting its entire sanitary and rainfall drainage requirements while also fencing and barriers were put in place to maintain the property.

Additionally, factory staff, in conjunction with local communities, also helped build a “Budu Medura” on the medical clinic premises to offer mental comfort, while also providing for other basics such as tea sets and kettles for nurses, attendants and doctors, and even food racks for “Thriposha” dietary supplements. They also hygienically enhanced the condition of the facility by fully cleaning it, and also cutting all unnecessary branches from trees within its two-acre enclosure as well as even tending to unsafe conditions like slippery floors, etc. Factory personnel also donated a state-of-the-art “autoclave” sterilisation machine and a soon-to-be-finalised “electrocardiogram” (ECG or EKG) machine.

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Meanwhile, the South Asia Textile Industries Lanka factory in Pugoda also hosted many different celebratory activities for its employees and their families, including festive games and entertainment culminating in a mega musical show.

Speaking at the 10th anniversary celebrations, South Asia Textile Industries Lanka Chief Executive Officer Prithiv Dorai said, “We’ve come a long way over these past 10 years, facing many tough times when we started. But it was all worth it as it was a great opportunity that we all shared in, leading to big rewards for us all. All staff have given their best, allowing for an excellent performance by the company, and firmly establishing its place in the fashion/apparel and textile industry in Sri Lanka and also the region. This was only possible thanks to the hard work and commitment by all staff.”

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