SriLankan marks the World Environment Day with the launch of Asia’s first voluntary carbon offset programme “flygreen”

SriLankan marks the World Environment Day with the launch of Asia’s first voluntary carbon offset programme “flygreen”


Colombo June 15, 2015: National Carrier, SriLankan Airlines launched its Voluntary CarbonSriLankan marks the World Environment Day with the launch of  Asia’s first voluntary carbon offset programme “flygreen”

Offset programme,”flygreen” coinciding with the World Environment day, recently. The

official Environment Day event was held at Airline Centre, Katunayake with the participation

of the staff members and students from nearby schools.

Implemented under the “Planet-friendly SriLankan” initiative in collaboration with the

International Air Transport Association (IATA), this allows SriLankan passengers to neutralize

their individual carbon footprints by purchasing carbon credits. “flygreen” programme will

be monitored by IATA, and its proceeds will be invested on a local conservation project,

offering the environmentally conscious passengers the opportunity to contribute to the

Airline’s sustainable practices.

Addressing the gathering, SriLankan’s Head of Human Resources and Convener of the Green

task team, Mr. Pradeepa Kekulawala said, “SriLankan Airlines has been steering many

planet-friendly initiatives to contribute to the reduction of the industry’s carbon footprint.

In today’s context, aviation accounts for 3% off the total carbon emissions. With the

increase in demand for air travel, aviation industry will keep expanding, hence, it is the

responsibility of the stakeholders to revoke the repercussions of carbon emissions as a

damage control measure.”

Commenting on the Airlines’s environment initiatives, he added, “SriLankan Airlines have

launched many pioneering initiatives in Asian region; for instance the “Planet friendly

Flights” campaign in 2009 and Asia’s first “SOLAtube” lighting installation in 2013. Further

SriLankan have secured consecutive energy awards in 2012 and 2013 at the national energy

awards as well.”Inset

Sending a congratulatory message on SriLankan’s effort to introduce a voluntary carbon

offset programme, Director, Aviation Environment International Air Transport Association

and Executive Director, Air Transport Action Group ATAG, Mr. Michael Gill commented,

“The aviation industry takes the carbon challenge extremely seriously. We are aiming for

carbon neutral growth from 2020 and to cut emissions by 50% by 2050. Initiatives like

SriLankan’s voluntary carbon offset programme have an important role to play in meeting

these targets. We congratulate SriLankan Airlines for its proactive support in helping to

make aviation a sustainable industry that can continue to extend economic and social

opportunities for the people of Sri Lanka and beyond.”

With this initiative, SriLankan Airlines becomes the first airline in the region to have

implemented a voluntary carbon offset programme and as a member of the IATA industry

programme. Members of the IATA Carbon Offset Programme only invest in the most

credible carbon neutral projects, which are UNFCCC approved projects and credits which

recognized as Gold Standards. SriLankan Airline’s ‘flygreen’ programme calculates carbon

emissions based on a methodology adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization


Commending SriLankan’s voluntary carbon offset programme and its long term impact,

Assistant Director, Carbon Offset Programmes-IATA, Mr. Michael Schineider in a message

said, “I would like to congratulate SriLankan Airlines for it is hard work and dedication,

demonstrating the company’s willingness to tackle environmental issues and to concrete

steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Passengers buying an online ticket on the

SriLankan will be able to reduce their carbon emissions (Footprint) by investing on a local

project—The Hapugastenne and Hulu Ganga Small Hydropower plant. Any of the

contributions towards the offset programme will benefit local communities, protect their

environment and improve the livelihoods of the people in the long term.”

The environment day programme included a special awareness building sessions for the

Airline’s employees and students from nearby schools on this year’s global theme, “Seven

billion dreams. One planet. Consume with Care.” The winners of the art competition

organized for the children of the staff members, were also awarded prized at the event.

SriLankan Airlines last year launched the Corporate Green Policy and the Eco Procurement

Policy together with the corporate green website. SriLankan currently holds the observer

status of the IATA Environment Committee. This year, the Airline is aiming to obtain ISO

14001 and 50001 for energy management, which will be a first by an airline in the region.


Main pic: SriLankan’s Head of Human Resources and Convener of the Green task team, Mr.

Pradeepa Kekulawala launching the “flygreen” programme, while Head of IT, Mr. Chamara

Perera and Environment Compliance and Planning Manager, Mr. Dhanushka de Silva looking


Inset: SriLankan staff members and school children taking part in the educational sessions.

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SriLankan Airlines.