A breathtaking garden atmosphere redolent with the perfume of a Million roses, a Rose

Wall and white picket fence with green vines trailing over it, completed the fairytale picture that was the first glimpse of what was in store for all those who attended the House of Lux held recently at the ballroom of the Hilton Colombo. It was indeed a magical evening as this iconic brand which has held its own for over 90 years evolved into not just one but Ten Thousand blooms – yes a single bar of Lux soap now has the fragrance of Ten Thousand roses in it . As invitees walked through a specially designed Arch, they were able to experience an interactive pathway which was animated to have roses bloom when they walked on it, a novel experience indeed . On entering the hall they were greeted with a gigantic 50 foot stage in a beautiful garden setting . Inside the ballroom or rather garden were three zones for invitees to experience . The Soft Touch Zone, which was synonymous with this Pink bar of Lux soap which is present in almost all homes today, was redolent with the exquisite fragrance of Soft Touch , complete with appropriate beverage and sweet tables , while a hostess took visitors through a fragrance experience .

The Silk Sensation Zone was built around a tree in winter, evoking the fragrance of this delicate white Lux soap and here too invitees wre able to experience the fragrance first hand .
The Hologram Zone was a first time fragrance experience where invitees were able to walk into a hologram in which roses were projected around them, creating a 3D viewing experience all around . As for the entertainment that was structured around the Lux Ten Thousand roses theme, models in breathtaking designs by Indi displayed couture floral designs, with the entire stage being mapped in the design and colours of their clothing, giving the effect of a girl blooming out of the wall !

Former Lux Stars Sabeetha Perera and Yashoda Wimaladharma were then invited on stage and felicitated with much pomp and pageantry, accompanied by unanimous applause from the audience .


The grand finale had Pooja Umashankar in an act where her clothing was video mapped [with Roses in Bloom – THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE ], with Pooja herself being raised to a height of almost five feet ( the invitees actually saw her grow taller ), whilst simultaneously her skirt expanded to the same size, while a musical rendition by the renowned choral group Voice Print provided the necessary accompaniment .

“As a fragrance that has bettered itself from its origins of a single delicate French rose into Ten Thousand of them in every perfumed body treat, by introducing Floral Fusion Oil which captures that level of intensity, reflecting what every woman aspires to – which is to transform oneself from the ordinary, thus bringing out the extraordinary in herself, Lux has lived up to its promise and more”, said Director Marketing of Unilever, Sharmila Bandara, speaking on the occasion.

‘Bloom better with Lux!’ Of course you can, now that Lux is infused with not just one or two or three, but the fragrance of Ten Thousand roses.

“Lux is all about innovation, so we innovate, relentlessly. This year has been a phenomenal journey . We introduced a world first to Sri Lanka with fragrance-infused gold ! After all what woman doesn’t crave great jewelry, something rare and beautiful, that only she can have ? Lux went one step better by infusing jewellery with the precious fragrance of Lux !”

Over the years this iconic brand has evolved and remained true to its promise of making each and every woman feel beautiful throughout its lengthy history.

Lux, whose fragrance, now infused with Floral Fusion Oil that makes its perfume superior to real roses, has bettered itself from its origins, and mirrors the aspirations of every woman – to take the ordinary and bring out the extraordinary in herself, in every moment.

Lux, is a celebration of the enduring power of Fine Fragrances and all that’s feminine, with each bar of Lux containing Floral Fusion Oil that has the fragrance intensity of 10,000 roses – making each body treat more powerful and potent than its natural counterparts. Scent is a key part of a woman’s invisible wardrobe and personality, and with each evolution of Lux, its perfume has just kept getting better!

“ Lux keeps pushing what’s impossible and tonight, the Lux journey continues. We’ve reimagined fragrance as not just a facet of beauty, but beauty itself !” said Ms Bandara .

Since 1925, Lux® has been bringing the best of beauty, and the pleasure that comes with it, to every woman in the world. Made like the costliest French soap and known as the beauty secret of some of the most glamorous stars, Lux’ alluring beauty treats, delight women in more than 100 countries worldwide every day.