320 E FM heroes win Avengers 2 premiere VIP invitations

Colombo’s landmark Savoy cinema welcomed Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron in true Hollywood style as 2015’s newest blockbuster movie premiered at this historic venue recently. However, the real heroes at the event were undoubtedly the 320 E FM listeners who battled it out before hand to win coveted VIP passes to this fully packed, high profile premiere event.

And, be assured, it was no easy task that Sri Lanka’s only Lifestyle station had set for its fans to win Avengers Age of Ultron premiere VIP invitations, having them compete in an exciting round of “Kill The Clue!” where listeners had to guess the Avengers universe character based on clues outlined by Radio Personalities (RPs). But, in the end, worthy listeners were well rewarded with 320 VIP passes to attend this sensational premiere, which also included the chance to have their pictures taken with life size Avengers characters as well as a number of other unique activities.

Said E FM Programmes Director Mark Kross, “Listening to the overwhelming positive feedback from our fans, we will continue to give them chances to win VIP passes to blockbusters such as Avengers Age of Ultron. We would also like to thank them for participating in this truly fantastic premiere, because without them it wouldn’t be as much fun. We are also very grateful to HSBC and Singapore Airlines for helping us bring this, one of Summer 2015’s most highly anticipated movies, to Sri Lanka.”