Alethea wins at the International School Awards

Alethea wins at the International School Awards, India 2019

Best Infrastructure & Best Stand-alone School of the Year at ISA India 2019 Anitra Perera wins "Edupreneur Director of the year 2019" honour Colombo, June 25,2019: Alethea School and Alethea International School, was recently honoured as the Best Infrastructure of the Year and Best Stand-alone School at the International School Awards 2019, recently held in India. Alethea’s achieved this feat from over 9673 applications from 51 countries across globe. This affirms the school administration’s commitment towards establishing and maintaining high level framework in terms of school facilities and educational delivery. Along with the accolades won by the school, Anitra Perera, Managing Director/Coordinating Principal also received the award for Eduprenuer Director of the Year 2019. The awards highlights the 4th generation, education administrator’s vision in taking the school through a transition towards the digital era; to convert Alethea School and International School to the 1st Digital School in Sri Lanka. Under such pretext, her win as the Edupreneur Director of the year 2019 marks her as the first under 30 Eduprenuer to receive an international award and bring fame to her nation. The ISA India 2019 Summit took place on 24-25 May 2019 at Chitkara University in Rajpura, Punjab. More than 500 schools, 1000 delegates, speakers, thinkers and entrepreneurs attended the

event. Reflecting on the school’s achievement, Anitra Perera commented, “Being accoladed at the ISA India 2019, reestablishes Alethea’s commitment towards bringing in world class education to Sri Lankan educational sphere. My vision is to reform our school into ‘the school that I dreamed of’, while staying true to solid values such as honesty, integrity, hard work, commitment and loyalty upon which the school was found nine decade ago. In other words I envision a holistic educational experience along with state of the art educational infrastructure and facilities, digitalized educational delivery systems and a technology driven education framework.

Which would essentially enable the students of our school to enrich, engage and embark in a learning experience that would mould these young men and women in our care, into responsible caring individuals who will impact the world in a positive manner.” “Being awarded as the Edupreneur Director of the year 2019, marks a personal milestone for myself while it also reinforces the technology driven educational vision towards which I am piloting the school. As an edupreneur, being accoladed while still being under 30, I believe I play a pivotal part in bridging the skills gap between the educational goals and labour requirements of the digital era. It has to be noted that the technological development around the world is fast changing the conventional ways of teaching and learning. Thereby, shifting the role of the teacher driven conventional classrooms towards online classrooms that takes a more personalized approach towards teaching that promotes learner autonomy is obligatory,” mentioned Perera, while commenting on her accolade. She also remarked, “I have witnessed that technology has enabled virtual classrooms without borders and opened access to millions who could not have dreamt of an affordable, world-class education. This is the next stop for local education. Whereby, Alethea School and Alethea International School with 90 years’ experience in establishing and growing as a stand-alone international school, would like to be the pioneers in same through directing students of our schools towards a learning frame-work that keeps up-to date with the global educational standards.” “Alethea keeps a close control on the number of annual student intake in a conscious effort to provide equal priority and attention to each student in all occasions. Learners are encouraged to do better, improve and progress not by competing with each other, but by trying to be better than what they were the previous day. At Alethea, we provide a home away from home where children learn at their pace, discover their talents, form lasting friendships and above all grow up to be happy and content,” Added Perera, explaining the learning environment at Alethea School and Alethea International School. Established in 1927, Alethea School and Alethea International School was registered as a private company the following year. In 1954 it was registered with the Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka as a Secondary School.

From 1968 onwards, the students of Alethea sat for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level (O/L) Examinations in Sri Lanka in the Sinhala, Tamil and English mediums. Anitra Perera is the 4th generation administrator of the school founded by the Hapugalle/Perera family. Photo Caption : Standing from left to right Founder, Rajesh Batra, Founder Robochamps,Akshay Ahuja, Vice Chancellor, Chitkara University Dr. Madhi Chitkara, Managing Director/Coordinating Principal, Alethea Group of Schools,Anitra Perera, Executive Director- Alethea Group of Schools, Kumar Hapugalle Perera, Special Advisor of the Prime Minister of Lesotho and Guinea – Bissau Dr. Deepal Vahra and Advisor to Education Ministry of Afghanistan Dr Attaullah Wahidyar.