Big rewards for big performers from Mahapola Lotto

Lotteries innovator Mahapola Lotto, in its first sales conference, has honoured its top sales people from across Sri Lanka recently. Mainly representing the high-value Colombo and Galle urban markets, Mahapolo Lotto rewarded Mr. Mohammed Mohideen Cassim, Mrs. K. Senanayake, Mr. Asiripala and Mr. Nimalsiri Wickremesekara with valuable prizes for their hard work and consistent, month-on-month sales growth.

Elaborating further on his success, one of the top ticket sellers in the now island-wide Mahapola Lotto network, Mr. Cassim noted that, after working with Mahapola Lotto for a year or more, he had gained a lot of experience in how to treat customers. From his colleagues at Mahapola Lotto, and his daily interactions with people from all walks of life, he had learned that being very friendly to his customers was also beneficial for Mahapola Lotto, since these customers came back time and again.

Mahapola Lotto sales conference - 1

Adding to this, Mahapola Lotto Corporate Communications Manager Ms. Harshini Sirinanda said that it was a great honour for Mahapola Lotto to recognise the endeavours of our top sales persons. It is only through sharing their successes and learning from them that the Mahapola Lotto network will grow, with all team members being motivated to do better after witnessing the successes of their colleagues.

In addition, Ms. Sirinanda commented that, recently, personnel from the Mahapola Lotto headquarters in Colombo had travelled across the nation, meeting with dealers, re-sellers and kiosk sales people and finding out what they needed to take that next step in their growth trajectory. Furthermore, in line with their comments, Mahapola Lotto was gearing up its systems to expand even faster, with plans to roll out a number of marketing support activities in the coming weeks.