THE CAULDRON Calls Out to All Those Dreamers!

What’s in a dream? A Dream is hope that lets one see through misty eyes that one day could be a better day.  A Dream is hope of new beginnings that catches you if you fall and lifts you up to the highest point. THE CAULDRON was the dream of a small team of big thinkers and THE CAULDRON was born on the 11th of October at Stratford Avenue, Kirulapone in the street fondly known as Dian Gomez’s Gandhara Street.

It’s been over a month since the eclectic café opened doors to customers that the owners hoped would be like minded individuals who would either be inspired by the curated space or inspire others and the café with their own positive Zen.

Speaking on the month long journey Co-Founders of THE CAULDRON Tharanga and Dush notes, “We were pleasantly pleased to meet many customers that found our space serene. We fondly remember the elderly couple that adventured into our Kochchi Chicken Waffle and decided to have a bite of Strawberry Crumble as they pleasantly found the Hot Maple Sauce a tad bit too hot. They repeatedly dined at THE COULDRON next to Audrey Hepburn, reminiscing of the olden days when icons as Audrey, Martin Luther King, “Che” and Mohamed Ali meant so much more than photo frames on walls.”

Gastronomical delights as the Pol Roti Kottu served with pan fried Chicken and the Cauldron Gravy, Asian Style Spicy Mixed Rice, Red Chili Seafood Pasta, Creamy Vegetable Pasta, Pol Roti Burger with Grilled Tuna, Seeni Sambol & Cheese are among favourites off the menu since opening.

It has also been pleasing for the founder couple and their staff to see people holding on to mason jars filled with Nutella N Coffee or mugs of joyful Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow.

As the month progressed and the word spread about THE CAULDRON a steadily growing fan base and independent reviews from food bloggers have kept the team on their toes day and night.

The Co-Founders also said, “We were humbled by the positive reviews and equally thankful for the negatives. We recall the requests to enhance our menu, the team at THE CAULDRON with gleeful faces are already preparing to launch more surprises to our menu.”

Heeding to ardent requests from customers, THE CAULDRON hosted “The Melting Pot Open Mics” with Open Mics by Avi. The Melting Pot Open Mics evening was an aesthetic feast of highly talented local artists performing poetry, song, rap as well as instrumentals with a full house and the complimenting ambience of THE CAULDRON was just right. “The Melting Pot Open Mics” will be repeated regularly at THE CAULDRON with the professional assistance of “Avi”. The Space of THE CAULDRON is also open to host many more events of art, craft and community service in the days to come.

A space to meet, a space to write, a space to read, a space to think, a space of Zen, a space of warmth, a space to dream dreams of wonderous journeys, a space to create. THE CAULDRON continues to write our joyful story with a skillful and passionate team of dreamers and big thinkers that believe “If you dream it you can achieve it -Walt Disney” as long as all good things are combined meticulously.