Celebrating Womanhood with BeWaxed

The 8th of March represents a special day for women all around the world. International Women’s Day revolves around celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women from all over the globe. The day however should be celebrated by all women regardless of their achievements as all women deserve to be celebrated for the roles they play in life. So whether you’re a stay at home mom, a career woman or an activist who fights for equal rights for women, you deserve to be celebrated for your feats. And what better way to be celebrated that to take a little time off for yourself for some well-deserved pampering.
No one knows and understands pampering better than the folks at BeWaxed, Sri Lanka’s pioneering waxing salon. The waxing salon which was the brainchild of Durga Kenny is itself a testament to the ambition and hard work of a woman. Durga has worked tirelessly to mold her small business into a sought after brand today.

Services offered at BeWaxed differ from that of a mainstream waxing salon as the techniques and ingredients used are unique. Besides their differences in the waxing process BeWaxed also boasts well trained staff. “The girls were recently taken to Thailand to receive their training at the Wax Academy. We are hoping to go there again and for our staff to receive more training” Durga said as she discussed the growth of the brand. “I never imagined we would grow this much and never thought that Colombo will come to appreciate us so much. As we celebrate four years it is also so important for me to remember my staff. Some of the girls have faithfully been with me right from the start and it is their hard work as much as mine that we are here today”, she added.

As it celebrated its 4th anniversary, BeWaxed is also expanding its horizons with their mini branches where customers are able to pop in for a quick waxing. These express branches were designed to create a sense of convenience for the customers as the services offered are limited to the basic sugar waxing. The first express branch is now in operation at 175A, Vauxhal Street, Colombo 2.