Darren Hall wins first-ever NDB Wealth golf juniors

16-year-old Darren Hall led the 50-strong competitor pool at the inaugural NDB Wealth Junior Masters golf tournament, winning the day as its first overall winner, while also tapping him as an up-and-coming Sri Lankan golfer to watch. In addition to taking possession of the coveted NDB Wealth Challenge Trophy, battled out on Friday, August 14, 2015, at the Colombo Golf Club, he also walked away with the Gold Under-18 Division title and a substantial prize, a NDB Wealth account valued at Rs. 100,000, which could potentially set him up for a professional run in the sport in years to come.


1The NDB Wealth Junior Masters tournament also saw wins by Taniya Minel in the Silver Under-15 Division, and Yannik Kumara in the Bronze Under-11 Division, with each also awarded hefty, Rs. 100,000 NDB Wealth accounts. In addition, each of the tournament’s 50 participants also received a Rs. 5,000 NDB Wealth account for just taking part. For an in-depth update on the day’s proceedings, including details of the winners, the runners-up and the full field of young competitors, visit facebook.com/ndbwealth.


Commenting on this well attended junior golf tournament, NDB Wealth CEO Prabodha Samarasekera said, “We would like to congratulate Darren Hall on his exemplary score, his exciting performance will undoubtedly help further energise junior golf in Sri Lanka. We are proud to play our role in nurturing young athletes, assuring the future of this sport. When you play competitive golf, you need to focus on core elements such as commitment, planning, foresight, calculation and ambition; unsurprisingly these are also the hallmarks of exemplary financial planning. As such, we feel that golf, as well as other sports of a similar calibre and mindset, best fits with the NDB Wealth brand. It allows both players and their families a better understanding of our diverse range of financial planning options, which in turn provides them with immeasurable opportunities for the future.”