IPM to Conduct 2nd Programme on Competency Mapping

IPM Sri Lanka, the Nation’s leader in human resource management, will conduct its 2nd Human Resource Competency Mapping Programme for Human Resource Management professionals on 24th July 2018 at the Ozo Hotel, Colombo. The Certificate Programme in Competency Mapping has been designed specifically for HR professionals, Line managers/Unit heads, Supervisors and Recruitment & Selection Managers who have a minimum of 5 years hands-on experience in Human Resource Management. This 3 day programme is conducted in association with TV Rao Learning Systems, India.
Competency mapping adds value to organizations in that it helps to scientifically match individual competencies to job roles. This ensures that the correct people are identified well in advance for specific job roles based on competencies. Competency mapping helps the organization to hire, retain and motivate the best people for specific job roles and organizational requirements. Furthermore, competency mapping helps to identify competency gaps which become an invaluable input to the organization’s people development and management strategy in order to ensure a strategic fit for the achievement of its goals and objectives. Competency mapping is a helpful tool for succession planning as well.

“Competency mapping is an important process in managing people for strategic fit. Competency mapping plays a key role in ensuring that correct people are in the correct places in an organization. It also helps early identification of competency gaps so that organizations become more proactive in terms of recruitment, development, motivation and retention in their people management processes” Prof. Ajantha Dharmasiri-President, IPM Sri Lanka.

“We have had good response for the 1st Certificate Programme in Competency Mapping that we conducted in 2017. It is imperative that we elevate the skills of HR as well as general management professionals in methodical and scientific processes for people management. This will help to create high performing organizations. Providing opportunities for HR professionals to improve critical skills such as competency mapping will also help to elevate the HR profession in Sri Lanka to a higher level in terms of knowledge and capabilities” said Sarath Jayasinghe-Chairman, Consultancy & Training Committee, IPM Sri Lanka..

The 2nd Certificate Programme will also be conducted by the renowned HR guru and Co-Founder of TVRLS, India Prof. T.V Rao as the expert lead facilitator and Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of TVRLS Nandini Chawla. Each successful participant will receive a certificate from IPM/TVRLS.
The Programme will comprise of 6 course modules which will cover the introduction to competencies and competency mapping, generating behavior indicators, behavioral interviews and methods of competency mapping, competency framework, models and dictionary, and competency based HRM deployments in organizations. The delivery methodology will consist of reading materials, lectures and conceptual inputs, assignments and exercises for each module, and watching and learning through videos.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the participants will be in a position to identify competencies of a particular role/job, generate behavioral indicators for these competencies, develop competency models for their own organizations, and create competency based HRM system in their own organizations in the areas of recruitment, induction, performance management training and career development.

More information can be obtained by visiting IPM Sri Lanka website www.ipmlk.org or by calling Pinsiri-on 0777802901

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