Look Your Best with VLCC’s International Range of Facial Treatments

Globally renowned beauty and wellness treatment brand VLCC has for many decades given men and women a new lease on life through their personalized treatment solutions. With over 300 locations in India and around the world of which two are based in Sri Lanka, VLCC has transformed many lives. One of their most sought after programmes is the beauty treatment aspect that designs scientifically advanced packages to meet the individual needs of the client.

The face is a mirror to a person’s personality and often reflects their thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is however also one of the most sensitive areas constantly exposed to the elements and modern day pollution etc.Unhealthy eating has also contributed to a growing number of people who struggle with skin problems. Skin issues such as uneven skin tone, pigmentation,sun damaged skin, acne, dehydrated skin, dry skin, aging skin can sometimes affect how other people perceive you and most of all these issues can create a lack of self-confidence that can alter a person’s behavior drastically.

VLCC’s newly introduced international range of facial treatments is targeted towards those who suffer with problematic skin. One of the treatments is the Stem Cellogist (anti-ageing) Treatment and it is designed using Alps Botanical Stem Cells extracted from a type of apples grown only in the Swiss Alps and Telomeres, a Nobel Prize-winning discovery which helps achieve youthful skin. The treatment targets to achieve five anti-ageing functions such as regeneration, reconstruction, protection, nutrition and hydration and treats skin issues such as ageing skin, mature skin, and premature ageing skin. Reduction of fine lines, pigmentation, redefined pores, improved luminosity and increased hydration, firmness, smoothness, and suppleness are among a few of the results that one can achieve by undergoing these treatments.

The White Neurogist is also one of VLCC’s newly introduced facial treatments, carefully designed to help achieve lighter skin by using a special ingredient called DiamondLite 60. The key ingredient used in the treatment has an antioxidant activity 125 times stronger than vitamin and the three dimensional approach of the treatment targets to prevent, repair and treat the melanin in your skin. The treatment is also suitable for those who struggle with problems such as age spots, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, etc. The treatment can help you achieve lightened acne scars, pigmentation and brown spots, correction of yellowish, dull and uneven skin tones, prevention of skin discoloration and inhibit the sense of skin irritation.

Hydro Glacier Therapy is another treatment that is designed to re-introduce moisture into the skin. It is created by using an ingredient called HA3 Complex which helps plump the skin with immense hydration and increase the suppleness, firmness and the dewiness of the skin. The treatment is also helpful in achieving the radiance and vitality of supple skin without clogging the pores on the skin.

Meanwhile, the Visionergy Treatment is an intensely concentrated treatment that is created to tackle problems in the eye contour area such as under eye dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing the natural luminosity of the skin and increasing the vitality and firmness of the skin.

Acne is also a common problem that many people seem to face and the Outbreak Extinguisher Treatment is targeted to help combat breakouts of acne. The treatment purifies and provides relief to aggravated skin with the use of gentle yet effective exfoliators such as Lactic and Mandelic Acid.

For those who dream of youthful and supple looking skin, the range of treatments available at VLCC can be availed at their two outlets in Colombo 07 and Nugegoda. Please call on 0112 828 765/6 for Nugegoda and 0112 674174/5 for Colombo 07 to make your appointments or visit www.vlccwellness.com