Love Digits: First of its kind dating compatibility app launched in Sri Lanka

Love Digits, an app that brings both dating and gaming services to users, was launched in Sri Lanka this month. Ancient astrology brings new insight to modern dating with this app which works on a swipe-based platform to find compatible matches for users. As the first love-compatibility tool in the market to combine several schools of astrology on one platform, Love Digits is for those looking to find the perfect match with a touch of tradition.

Love Digits was developed by a Sri Lankan – American who wanted the best of both worlds; the reassurance of tried and tested astrological insight alongside the convenience and romance of dating in the 21st century. “What we have done here is to use several forms of Indian and Chinese astrology together to devise a very modern, very user-friendly dating compatibility tool,” says Founder and CEO Nirja Mahenthiran. “Singles trying to find the right match can use this to discern who they are compatible with and make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a partner.”

Ms Mahenthiran was based with a business technology services firm in New York before she ventured into the mobile dating app market. She approached famed astrologer Prasannan to write the algorithm for the app. Prasannan was a lead astrologer with Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (better known as Amma, the hugging saint) in India and toured with her globally for nearly 20 years. The app combines Vedic astrology, Vedic numerology and Chinese astrology to help test compatibility for love and marriage. By entering their birth dates, times and places, two people can quickly check their compatibility across seven different Indian and Chinese astrology measures using a five star rating system.

Love Digits initially launched the app purely as a compatibility check app using astrology. That app received over 30,000 downloads over a short period and was reviewed as simple, easy to use and fun by users on app stores. Building on this, the Love Digits team developed the new app to allow users to meet new people based on their compatibility scores. “Think of this new app as being somewhat like a swipe based dating app, but with astrological compatibility,” says Ms Mahenthiran. “It brings all the great features of the old app to the table with the added benefit of meeting new people that are compatible.”

Love Digits asks users to login via Facebook and use app-generated hearts as currency in order to utilize its services. First time users automatically receive 200 hearts, and everyday logins will generate more. These hearts can be used as currency to find other singles in the user’s facebook network and current location. If the compatibility score looks favourable, the user can match with the other person by liking their profile. If they return the like, the two users can chat via the app to make further plans. The app also gives a detailed breakdown of the score and provides birth charts. The match comparison section gives personality traits associated with each sign, number or Chinese animal signs for the user and the partner.

At the end of the day, it’s really about bringing the best of both worlds to our users,” says Ms Mahenthiran. “Sri Lankan users in particular will like the unique approach to dating this app brings – ancient astrology to the modern dating world.”

Love Digits can be downloaded on Apple and Google Play stores.