Mahapola Lotto extends support to Sri Lanka Visually Handicapped Federation

Continuing its efforts to provide opportunities for all Sri Lankans, lotteries innovator Mahapola Lotto recently extended its support to Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped by granting funds to complete the federation head office in Colombo 02. The Federation is a four decades old organisation that has, since its inception in 1974, enabled thousands of visually handicapped persons to gain much-needed support, especially from corporates, which empowered them in securing livelihoods and uplifting their quality of life.

Importantly, Mahapola Lotto has already become well known as an equal opportunity employer, with a number of its ticket sellers having disabilities, resulting in their being unable to find employment in other Sri Lankan business sectors. Oftentimes, they see Mahapola Lotto as their only recourse for a daily, and significant, wage that allows them the dignity of providing for themselves while society continues to marginalise and exclude them from many functions.

As part of its ongoing partnership with the Federation, the Mahapola Lotto donation will be used to set up a modern facility to be used in the education, job skills training and continuous development activities of the Federation, with the view of facilitating additional equal opportunities for even more of Sri Lanka’s Visually Handicapped community.

Mahapola Lotto came forward to make this donation, with a view towards equal educational and employment opportunities for all citizens. After all Mahapola Lotto was created with a mission to benefit all local citizens in any way it could, and not just any specific group. Persons with disabilities find it difficult to gain employment and with initiatives of this nature can help them to be part of the society and be independent. This, in return, empowers them to contribute back to the economy of the country and Mahapola Lotto is proud to drive these actions through its CSR initiatives.

Further, Mahapola Lotto is also known for periodically introducing innovations that make its range of “pick your own lucky numbers” products more accessible to ordinary Sri Lankans, with most recent of which being its newly unveiled Rs. 20 ticket. The lotteries innovator is also proud to say that it has continued to make sound progress in its critical social mission of facilitating increased higher education opportunities, which is of great benefit to families of underprivileged students. This has been achieved, most notably, through ongoing, and significant, contributions to the government-administered Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Trust Fund.