MAIC creating unique and beautiful weddings

Have you ever wanted something uniquely yours when it comes to your wedding day? Well, look no further as wedding designer MAIC make your day extra special by creating uniquely customised weddings by merging your story and your fantasy wedding into one.

Getting your wedding decoration to emulate you is not an easy task unless you’re a wedding design specialist. It’s not just a case of hanging up some flowers or bunting and putting candles in jars – you’ll want your wedding guests to be wowed by your choice of colour, theme and attention to detail, that’s where MAIC comes into play.

With a vision to go against the grain by creating your happy occasion in a myriad of celebratory colours and material, MAIC create concepts for couples that prefer a less match-y match-y look and may choose to hand make, hand pick and bake their way to a festival-esque feel day! If you are a bride who loves crafts and/or florals, you will love these relaxed and vibrant feel decor solutions that will show you exactly how to make your wedding pop!