Old and new worlds collide at South Asia Textile Industries Lanka Fashion Show

Topping Sri Lanka’s high society calender, the annual Horse Racing Festival in Nuwara Eliya is a spectacle not to be missed. With all the pomp and pageantry, and fashion, befitting a truly international racing derby, this event is today still supremely popular with both young and young at heart, even despite its roots stemming from colonial times, and its crown jewels, the Governor’s Cup and the Queen’s Cup, now having been run for over 100 years.


However, this year, something very new caused quite a stir at this landmark event, flitting about with random abandon yet not even causing a second glance from the younger spectators; a testament to the impact of modern technology on all our lives, and the paradigm shift that has resulted because of it. We’re of course talking about the camera-mounted drone pictured below.

Here we see the drone at the South Asia Textile Industries Lanka Fashion Show, which was held during the breaks between races. As can be seen, the models are focused on their walk down the runway, all the while attempting to maintain their professional composure even when the drone sometimes gets too close for comfort.