A palatable remedy for tummy aches: J.L. Morison introduces Gripe Mixture with Ginger for growing children and adults

J.L. Morison has enhanced its classic Gripe Mixture, adding real Ginger extract to create a more effective solution for older children and adults. As children outgrow their toddler years they can continue to enjoy the sweet, mild flavour of Morison’s Gripe Mixture with the added sweet heat of ginger- the ideal over the counter remedy for a troubled stomach.

Morison’s Gripe Mixture has been a trusted name for decades in Sri Lankan households as an infant Carminative Syrup. Although it has traditionally been the refuge of parents trying to assuage their baby’s stomach or bowel disorders, the mixture is an effective remedy to ease pain caused by acidity and flatulence for anyone.

The new Gripe Mixture for older children and adults will enrich this preparation with added natural ginger extract for more effective relief and a more definitive taste and experience. Ginger’s natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties will enhance the mixture’s performance by helping to increase digestive juices, neutralize stomach acids and help relieve gastrointestinal irritation.

Gripe Mixture is a first line remedy taken to comfort mild stomach or bowel irritations, with users advised to consult a doctor if symptoms persist. The general dosage for an adult is 2-3 teaspoons with a maximum of 8 doses within 24 hours. Both Morison’s Gripe Mixture for Infants and Morison’s Gripe Mixture with Ginger is available at grocery stores and pharmacies island wide.

The parent company J.L. Morison Son and Jones (Ceylon) PLC is one of the largest players in the healthcare sector and an established name in the FMCG segment. For seven decades the company has introduced trusted brand names to Sri Lanka; Morison’s Gripe Mixture is part of an instantly recognizable fleet of products in the current Morison FMCG portfolio, which also includes Lacto Calamine, Morison’s Baby and Valmelix cough syrup.

Morison’s Gripe Mixture with Ginger was added to the portfolio to ease the discomfort of parents and older children alike, shares Sahan Mendis, Assistant Brand Manager, J.L. Morison. “Our customers didn’t want to move away from the Gripe Mixture as they got older,” he said. “They wanted a palatable, effective remedy on hand for a troubled stomach-the Gripe Mixture is perfect for this. The added ginger makes for a stronger and more distinctive taste that older consumers will enjoy.”