Secure Enterprise Communication Solution now in Sri Lanka

Blackphone 2 guarantees privacy without compromise


The world’s most secure phone, the Blackphone 2, which is a Smartphone built from the ground-up to be private from design, was launched in Sri Lanka, by Chelcey Telecom, a subsidiary of Chelcey Holdings.  The launch was under the aegis of Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando.  Stating that he has always been amazed with innovation and commending Chelcey Telecom for paving the pathway to innovation, he said, “Sri Lanka will soon become the first country in the world to have 100% coverage with LTE 4G technology, prompting the highest downloading speeds anywhere.  It will also soon have total fibre optic coverage, all of which is pushing the country speedily towards becoming an IT hub for the region.”  He added that it has been proven that with 10% internet penetration, any country gains a GDP growth rate of 1.2%.  “Sri Lanka currently has only 26% smartphone penetration, a percentage we must increase fast if we are to reap the benefits on a national scale.”

The Blackphone 2, which was launched in the US only in September last year, works on enhanced Android OS, guaranteeing privacy without compromise – delivering expected usability but eliminating security risks inherent in other smartphones.   It has a faster processor, a larger display, a multitude of next generation features, is Google Play enabled and combines Android usability with the enhanced privacy and security of Silent OS.


Addressing the media at the launch of the Blackphone 2, CEO of Chelcey Telecom, Asela Waidyalankara stated that with nearly one million daily reported data threats globally, compromise of privacy is one of the biggest threats in today’s mobile world.   “Businesses are constantly subject to privacy breaches, which could create extensive repercussions, putting all stakeholders at risk. Therefore, privacy now has to be part of the decision making agenda as the risk it poses is immense.  The Blackphone 2 guarantees security from the start, preloaded as it is with Silent Circle’s own apps, all of which place you in control of your communication and the data you share.”

CEO Chelcey Telecom Asela Waidyalankara speaks at the launch of the Blackphone 2

Channel Director of Silent Circle Michael Berg added saying the seamless integration with leading MDM systems possessed by this Smartphone enables it to integrate into the business immediately so enterprises that are continuously on the go.  “The use of a multiple phones too is eliminated as the Blackphone 2 has up to four separate virtual phones on one device, securely compartmentalized.  Each space can be customized to fit to individual’s requirements, with access and control solely by the Blackphone user.”


Chelcey Telecom is a subsidiary of Chelcey Holdings.  It is a young dynamic company that plans to introduce exciting and innovative technology products to the Sri Lankan market.


Minister Harin Fernando checking out his Blackphone 2, while Chairman Chelcey Telecom Dr Harsha Gamage explains the workings.  Dilith Jayaweera looks on