“Midway” Premiere

Servicemen and Women honoured at “Midway” Premiere

 “Midway” Premiere

Movie Works Private Limited invited over 80 Air force and Navy servicemen and women for the Midway movie premiere on Saturday (9) at the Maxlite Cinema, K-Zone, Moratuwa. The movie was a tribute to the servicemen and women who work tirelessly in protecting our nation and in commemoration of the veteran’s day. The premiere was dedicated to the brave young men and women, who fought many battles in the Seas and in the Sky to bring peace to Sri Lanka.

The event was graced by Rear Admiral. Y.N.Jayarathna of Sri Lanka Navy, celebrities, media persons and invitees. Founder and Managing Director Anura Jasenthuliyana addressed the gathering and spoke about how Americans still want to tribute their veterans by making movies on battles that have taken place over 70 years ago. The key point of the event was the brief speech of our own highly decorated vet. Rear Admiral. Y.N.Jayarathna on the historical importance of the battle of Midway. Midway is a motion picture war epic by Roland Emmerich, the visionary director of Independence day.

The US forces fought the mighty Japanese Imperial Navy in the Pacific for four days and changed the course of world war 11 during the battle of Midway in 1942. Produced by LIONSGATE, staring Luke Evens, Woody Harrelson, Mandy Moore, Dennis Quid, Aaron Eckhart and Nick Jonas.


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