smart phone sri lanka

5 Reasons to wait before you buy your next phone

Smart phone sri lanka

Have the smart phone inventions hit the peak?

This is the question we all should ask ourselves before we palm off the savings we have or take the plastic card out the next time, longing to own the next big piece of tech. Is there a big difference in the specifications or the overall look in the phones that are coming out?

Compared to the last couple of years the smart phone industry has been hit by a wave of Chinese manufacturers who have been able to replicate the specifications and the usability of the flagship or industry leaders’ products at a lower cost.

Why should we not be hasty in purchasing the next smart phone?

1. The use is still the same.

We still use the phone to make and receive calls which it was intended in the first place. We send messages and receive messages, in addition we send rich texts or messages with pictures and emojis through specific applications such as whatsapp, viber, imessage etc. Would not a midrange or entry level phone do the same task as a flagship device?

2. Does the price justify the purchase?

Smart phones prices have increased in ten folds over the years. Does it give you so much value in return by spending extra on it? The smart phones we use now, do not stutter or switch off while we continuously use it for days at a stretch, it also gives a rich media and gaming experience, but is the price paid worth it. Afterall the nature of changing the phone in a year or two is high with the pace of change.

3. Consumer manipulation

Every business runs on the same mechanism of sales and revenue margins, thus to increase profits of the smart phone manufacturers, they keep releasing newer models with not much difference. They entice the unsuspecting consumers through social media and influencers creating the need in their minds. More sales lead to more income for the manufacturer but are they ethical in their business practice towards the consumers?

4. Performance overkill

Common trend you see of smart phone manufacturers are performance comparisons of various phones at different price points. These performance or reaction speeds of the phone are in milli seconds, which you will not feel or see the difference when using on a daily basis and using one phone. Do you think spending 4 times the price for a phone that is faster a few milli seconds matters much?

5. Repairability and the fragile nature

The newer phones with glued internal parts and glass backs have a higher chance of getting damaged due to the slightest fall. Phone manufacturers have found this a lucrative avenue of income, where they charge exorbitant amounts for replacement of displays and glass backs. Companies such as Apple have been known to charge extra for repairs.

In conclusion we need to be mindful when it comes to making that next purchase of a phone, we need to take time and do our homework. We need to ask ourselves, what is the purpose of getting the phone? You might be an avid mobile gamer, a person who spends time watching videos, or a person who does a lot of typing and reading emails on the go. Each of this requires a different type of specifications when it comes to phones. So, don’t base your decision on a certain brand or model just because your friend or family member has one, instead make the decision based on your purpose and use to spend more wisely.

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