Start the day healthy with a Calorie Counter breakfast

The hustle and bustle of a hectic Colombo work life is not the most conducive to a healthy lifestyle, resulting in skipped meals, frequent snacking and end-of-day couch surfing.

So, Colombo city dwellers have no doubt benefitted from the oasis of good health and calm, a respite from city madness, offered by local health restaurant pioneer Calorie Counter by Duaine Peiris, ever since it opened its doors in Thimbirigasaya at the beginning of 2015. And the true measure of its success, and ever-increasing popularity, is its growing importance in the hearts and minds of its loyal customers, with many hundreds of lives already touched and improved, all the while also helping to promote the healthy living and eating concept gaining ground in Sri Lanka today.

Dates, Feta cheese and Almond Toast

The key to Calorie Counter’s burgeoning success, reveals Duaine, is its expertly-formulated meals, offering a full and exact breakdown of nutritional and calorie information. Without sacrificing on taste, of course. “The innovation that is central to keeping the meals at Calorie Counter healthy and tasty is our preparation method, our state-of-the-art German Rational Oven. Added to that, we use only freshest and best, healthy ingredients. This keeps our meal truly wholesome, in all ways, instead of being overly dependent on sauces, condiments, sugar, etc., unlike our competitors, where the result is only empty calories,” says Duaine.

Additionally, Calorie Counter has taken its unique healthy eating concept one step further in recent weeks, launching a new, wholesome breakfast menu. Great news for those serious about diet and fitness, as breakfast is universally accepted by health experts as being the most important and nutritional meal of the day. The breakfast menu includes, the exciting Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon with creamy, all-natural Avocado Hollandaise; the filling yet healthy Breakfast Platter, with red kidney beans, eggs, grilled tomatoes and almond toast; and even the highly unique Avocado, Feta cheese and Pomegranate Toast and Date, Feta and Almond Toast, among many more options.

Meanwhile, Calorie Counter’s already big menu has gotten even bigger, while still remaining equally as healthy, with the addition of a number of new, tasty Chef’s Specials, such as the always popular dishes like Mixed Grill and Baked Fish, to name just a few.

Breakfast Platter

Also added, a number of quick and tasty sandwiches that are not only light on one’s diet but also on one’s wallet, with prices starting from Rs. 180, for the scrumptious Vegetable and Egg Sandwich, while the heavenly Chicken Sandwiches and Tuna Sandwiches are Rs. 200. There is also a very special, ultra-healthy Kola Kandha available at Rs. 150 only.

At the same time, Calorie Counter has also introduced a wide array of healthy snacks, including wraps, salads and juice drinks, as well as even delicious smoothies, like banana oatmeal, and fresh fruit parfaits; to tide you through the day, because the people at Calorie Counter understand that sometimes three, regular meals a day are not always enough, especially if you’ve had an overly taxing day and need to treat yourself.

Now ranked one of the top restaurants in Colombo by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest online forum on travel advice, Calorie Counter has set its sights on growing beyond Sri Lanka’s commercial capital. To that end, Calorie Counter also plans to take its unique healthy eating restaurant concept to Pelawatte, one of the country’s fastest growing suburbs, where it will soon promote the healthy eating lifestyle, with the added benefit of a larger, 70-seat venue to meet skyrocketing demand.

However, even if one is not in close proximity to its main, Thimbirigasaya restaurant, or any of its soon-to-be-opened branches island-wide, Calorie Counter also offers a quick delivery service, via its 0112580980 order hotline, which is already highly in-demand and rapidly increasing in size, strength and, most important of all, delivery area.

Avocado, Feta Cheese and Pomegranate  Toast

Pineapple Colada drink