The ‘7 Star’ story – 7 years of promoting healthy living

Serendib Flour Mills has been nourishing the nation for seven years, by providing a range of specialized flour products that promotes healthy living. The celebrated ‘7 Star’ brand, embodies purity, innovation, quality, freshness, expertise and has secured its place in the hearts of people across Sri Lanka. Carefully produced through a state-of-the-art milling process, using the very best wheat from countries such as Canada, Australia and the USA, the ‘7 Star’ range of flour contains the optimal mineral, protein, water absorption and nutritional balance, making it a healthy and wholesome ingredient that is ideal for everyday use.

The range of ‘7 Star’ flours is created with meticulous attention to detail, and different varieties of flour are made by using different varieties of wheat, that vary in their protein and gluten content. Serendib Flour Mills has adhered to international standards of quality and best practices, and produces over 10 varieties of flour, which are wholesome and packed with nutrition. Promoting healthier diets and lifestyles have become increasingly more important for families and businesses across Sri Lanka, and the ‘7 Star’ range of flour is ideal for making a delicious range of breads, buns, rottis, pastries, noodles, biscuits and other sweet meats.

Bread made from '7 Star' Flour (2)

The ‘7 Star’ range of flour produced by Serendib Flour Mills features a variety of flours that can be used for multiple purposes. Whether baking a cake or creating traditional staple dishes, Serendib Flour Mills has created affordable and high quality flour products that are tailor-made for specific purposes.

Baker’s Flour

The use of high quality gluten makes this flour very versatile, making it suitable for baking a wide variety of breads, buns and other baked treats. In addition, the high water absorption and good dough strength allow bakers to maximize their yield. The whiteness of the flour also makes the look of all baked items, significantly more appealing.

Rotti Flour

This specially milled flour with high elasticity and nutritional properties is ideal for preparing a range of mouth-watering delicacies such as paratas, naans and rottis. Enjoying these specialties at home has never been easier. Indian breads boost energy and keep you full for longer, making them a practical choice for people dealing with digestive diseases and obesity.

Household Flour/ All Purpose Wheat Flour

All Purpose Flour

This versatile flour works well with Asian recipes and can be used for thickening sauces and gravies or as a batter for dipping meats and vegetables in, prior to frying or sautéing.

Biscuit Flour

The quality of biscuits is a direct result of the type of flour one uses. Made with a special variety of soft wheat, ‘7 Star’ Biscuit Flour guarantees the perfect dough every time. Biscuits are a great way to introduce healthy treats like oats, nuts, muesli or even fruits like bananas into a family’s regular diet.

Noodle Flour

Noodles in a variety of shapes and sizes are a popular dish on many Sri Lankan tables. From traditional rice noodles to diverse types of pasta like spaghetti and linguine, the options are limitless. This flour has rich, nutritional properties and is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates which are vital for the body’s overall health and well-being. When eaten with vegetables and meats, this staple provides a well-balanced meal for the whole family.

Wholemeal Flour

Wholemeal Flour is made by grinding the entire wheat kernel along with the bran, therefore all the goodness of the grain is used and nothing is lost in the manufacturing process. This variety of flour has a textured and brownish appearance and is recognized as an even more nutritious option than refined white flour. This flour is a wonderful source of calcium, iron, fibre, and other minerals and is ideal for making healthy breads and rottis. The high fibre content in this flour prevents digestive ailments such as constipation and also helps lower blood cholesterol levels.



This versatile product is apt for creating a variety of delicious cakes, puddings, sweets, porridges and popular savoury Indian foods like idly, dosa and uppuma. Semolina is beneficial if you are trying to control or reduce your weight as it helps you feel fuller for longer and prevents overeating. Adding chopped nuts and raisins to sweet dishes or vegetables to the savoury items will help increase their nutritional content. Semolina is a quick energy source, and strengthens bones, it’s packed with nutrition and is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Atta Flour

Containing a high amount of protein, Atta flour is used for making Indian flatbreads such as naan, puri, chapati and even rotti. It’s also a good choice of ingredient for people suffering from diabetics, anaemia, heart diseases and cancer.

Cake Flour

The texture of the ‘7 Star’ Cake Flour, is what sets it apart from other similar products available in the market-place. This specialized soft wheat flour has been a “game changer” for many homemakers and culinary enthusiasts as it enables them to bake a delectable range of mouth-watering, light and airy cakes, even if they are novices in the kitchen.

As Serendib Flour Mills looks ahead to the future, the company remains dedicating to supplying homes and businesses across the country, with its world-class range of ‘7 Star’ flour products. A leader in both local and international markets, Serendib Flour Mills will continue to expand its product portfolio, and provide Sri Lankans with wheat flour that makes baking and cooking, significantly easier, tastier and healthier.