Visit ‘Keep it Simple’ online, for a passionate take on home ware

Have you ever wanted to work a full-time job and simultaneously make money out of your passion? If you think this is not possible, think again. This is exactly what Dinusha Gomez did. A full-time working mom, not only does she manage a household with two toddlers but also an online concept store that sells exclusive home ware.

Dinusha notes that her concept store, “Keep it Simple” was one that was purely driven by passion. The store, which offers a range of home ware products, is showcased via her social media pages, including

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“I have always been passionate about decorating. ‘Keep it Simple’, as it is today, began when I was organising some events and realised that I was unable to get hold of the items I wanted and even when I did, it was not within the budget I had in mind,” said Dinusha.

“Keep it Simple” primarily operates through social media channels, Instagram and Facebook. Most of the products are very minimalist and either sourced from travels or made in Sri Lanka. Dinusha, as an aspiring entrepreneur herself is keen on contributing towards uplifting lives of new and budding entrepreneurs and smallholders. She explains that in future, she ideally expects to employ women and mothers who have a specific skillset and are capable of creating crafts and decorative items.

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“The main reason why I would want to employ women who are mothers is because, as a mother with two toddlers, who has a full-time job, I know how difficult things can get trying to manage everything at work, home and doing what you love. I would want to employ mothers who can work during the day while the kids are at school and have them leave for the day by the time school’s over,” said Dinusha. At present, she already has collaborated with women who design and create home ware, decorative and other creative products that align with the store’s minimalist style.

She also goes on to say that while she does have big plans for the store, having a physical store is not a priority. Dinusha explains that if she were to have a physical store, overheads will considerably increase and thereby, she will not be able to maintain the prices she has now, as they too will subsequently increase. She also goes on to say that having a store will remove the distinct quality of the products being unique and one-of-a-kind. She explains how besides the mason jars, which are forever in constant demand, nothing else comes in bulk.

Dinusha’s inclination towards interior design is an inherited one. Not only does she do a fair share of event styling and party planning along with her Mother who runs a small but delicious home bakery, “Aunty Maureen’s Cakes and Bakes”, but also has a Father who is a creator and builder himself and what’s more, is married to a creative from the advertising industry as well.

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The success of “Keep it Simple”, a little less than a year in operation has been positively contagious. Dinusha explains that the responses have been encouraging and a majority have turned into recurring customers. Apart from quality and unique home ware products, “Keep it Simple” also provides services in home styling, designing, and even party and event planning. If unique, minimalistic products are what you have in mind, visit Dinusha’s instagram page on or give her a call on 0773002274.