VLCC Assists the Fight against Central Obesity

VLCC Wellness founded by Vandana Luthra in 1989 is a wellness services center operating on a large scale across eleven countries and over three hundred locations all over the globe. VLCC offers a wide range of services specializing in scientific weight management solutions, skin and hair care treatments, beauty &dermatological services and personal care. The two wellness centers that are operating in Sri Lanka at Colombo 7 and Nugegoda focus mainly on the wellness aspect hence a number of scientific weight management and beauty management services are made available to the customers.


One of the common physical illnesses that affect individuals across the country is cardiovascular diseasesand one of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases is central obesity. There are two types of obesity that affect the lives of many individuals called android and gynoid obesity and these two terms are classified according to the differences in fat distribution. Sufferers of android obesity experience fat distribution mostly in the abdominal region, with a body form that looks similar to the shape of an apple. In gynoid type of obesity, the excess fat are being deposited somewhere at the hip and thigh areas with a body form that looks similar to the shape of a pear. However, studies show that gynoid obesity sufferers are at a lower risk of developing chronic illnesses than android obesity sufferers. Individuals who suffer from android obesity is likely to be associated with a number of health risks such as heart disease, hypertension, insulin resistance, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and many others. Studies that have been conducted on the topic have found that there is a strong correlation between central obesity which isalso known as abdominal obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
Individuals who suffer from android obesity or central obesity is more prone to developing chronic illnesses and is at a higher health risk but sufferers can overcome these risks by eliminating the fat deposited around the abdominal area. There are a number of ways in which you can eliminate android obesity such as eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise but VLCC offers an alternative way through which you can achieve faster andmore desirable results. First and foremost, the team behind the operations at VLCC will conduct a body composition analysis and assess the abdominal fat of the individual separately and each treatment that is administered on a client is conducted after gathering extensive information about their age, medical conditions and more. After the initial assessment of the client, the individual is subjected to eight to ten sessions that is customized accordingly and the client is informed about the results throughout the course of the sessions, on average 5-8cm reduction in abdominal area and 400-500g weight reduction per session. Highly qualified dieticians provide diet plans that suit individual requirements, while certified physiotherapists conduct exercises, and well trained therapists conduct therapy sessions, all under the expert eye of medical doctors. VLCC offers a wide range of tummy treatments and are divided into two; basic and advanced tummy treatments. The therapy and treatments offered under basic tummy treatments is a combination of mechanical stimulation, manual therapy on the tummy followed by the application of thermo pack and weight loss appliances.


The advanced tummy treatments offered are called Ultracavitation Therapy – Proslim, 4-In-One, CTS & Cool Sculpting.Theultracaviation therapy is a treatment that uses low frequency cavitation therapy on localized area to achieve fat loss when accompanied with suitable dietary modifications and activity patterns. CTS is a three in one solution for tummy fat reduction, it is based on multiple radio frequencies and vaccum therapy. It helps in contouring and shaping, spot area reduction, better cellulite appearance, and minimizing lose, sagging skin and stretch marks.

The 4-In-One treatment uses a combination of the latest technologies known as UCT, RF, Laser and Vaccum to give the client instant results in terms of inch loss, weight loss and detoxification. The Cool Sculpting treatment is a non-surgical body sculpting procedure and the fat freezing procedure used reduces the number of fat cells in treated areas by about 20% to 25%.


VLCC welcomes new customers almost every day and the positive feedback they have received from their customer base is solely due to the effective and extremely safe treatments and procedures that they administer on their customers. For more information please contact VLCC on 0112 674174/5 or 0112 2828765/6 or visit www.vlccwellness.com